Thursday, 30 October 2014

Review On Icefire by Chris D'Lacy

Icefire By Chris D'Lacey

I think this book is really really good because it has a good plot, as well as having an exciting story.

I recommend this book to kids who like stuff coming alive. Ages 8 - 12 (girl/boy)

By Coco Panda

A Book review by Eric Brown

Subterfuge, edited by Ian Whates 

This is NewCon Press's fifth volume of original science fiction and fantasy stories, an admirable achievement considering the prevailing ethos that anthologies don't sell. Even more admirable is Whates's policy of combining big names with lesser known writers. Pick of the crop here are "Underbrain" by Tony Ballantyne, a tale of far future evolution on a colony world, its Wodehousian form belying its macabre content; "The God Particle", by new writer Steve Longworth, which interleaves God's visit to CERN with fascinating theories about quantum physics; and Dave Hutchinson's "Multitude", a part of his ongoing series about a post-catastrophe Britain in which psychopathic elves terrorise a traumatised populace. The volume closes with Nick Wood's "Thirstlands", set in a drought-stricken Africa, a beautifully written study of a couple's tenuous relationship in a future where inter-brain communication is commonplace.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A Book Review ~ By Eric Brown

Hell's Belles by Paul Magrs 

As everyone knows, Whitby is the gateway to hell and other eldritch dimensions, a spook-ridden town on the edge of the icy North Sea where anything can happen and frequently does – at least in this series of fabulously crazy novels featuring Brenda and Effie, the town's self-appointed guardians. This adventure has the bride-of-Frankenstein Brenda and white witch Effie battling against the Brethren, an evil cult bent on opening the maw of hell. When a film company comes to town to remake a cursed sixties horror classic Get Thee Inside Me, Satan, our engaging and unlikely heroines find themselves up against possessed film star Karla Sorensen, the golem of Victor Frankenstein, and a pair of old dears from the local Save the Kiddies shop. The fourth book in the series, it's the longest and by far the best, as Magrs weaves the backstories of his characters into the ingenious, pell-mell narrative. He carries it off with dollops of camp panache and obvious affection for his likeable cast of characters.

Well! I know I did not say before but I asked and he said ok. Another book review is coming out tomorrow or round about then.

I hope you liked that!


Sunday, 5 October 2014

The next thing Coco-panda is reading

By: Pizza-bear

The next thing Coco is reading is Bliss by Kathryn Littlewood.

                                                                       Bliss book #3
bliss book #2
 Bliss book #1

~ A 3 in 1 book review! ~

Both By: Coco-Panda,

Yellowfang's Secret By Erin Hunter

I love Yellowfang's Secret, it starts off being Yellowfang when she was a kit (a kitten) called Yellowkit. I think she should not  of become a medicine cat. It was quite sad when she had the kits (2 of them)  then 1 of them died, but I am happy that Brokenkit became the deputy leader. 

When Raggedstar dies, Brokentail becomes leader (and Brokenstar - the name of the leader always ends in "star") but not a very good one, he made kits under 6 moons (6 months) do battle-training and fight which is against the warrior code.

So I really recommend this book to kids aged 9 to 12.  (Boy or Girl)

My School Musical and other Punishments By Catherine Wilkins

This book is really good. It is the last in the series of the three by Catherine Wilkins. It is about how Jessica's school puts on a school musical, The Wizard of Oz. Her best friend gets really really stressed about her big role to play, Dorothy. 

Jessica gets on Set design, along with Amelia. I am happy that Jess and Amelia makes friends.

I recommend this book to kids ages 8 - 12. (Girl)

Puppy Party by Anna Wilson.

The last puppy book in the series. 

I really liked it because it goes through lots of stages like Molly and Summer dis-liking Frank Gritter. I like it when April thinks Nick has dumped her started seeing other woman.

I recommend this book to kids who love animals/dogs aged 7 - 10. (Girl)