Monday, 29 September 2014

What Coco-panda is now reading

By: Pizza-bear

Coco is now reading Warriors: Super Edition, Yellowfang's Secret.

She is now on chapter 32.

Her birthday is coming up, so she is buying Tallstar's Revenge and Thunder Rising (Thunder Rising is Dawn of the Clans book 2)


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

2 book reviews in one!

By: Coco-panda

My brilliant life and other disasters. 

I think this book is really good, it is about cartoons.

Jess and Natalie get to go to the Bird rescue place. 

I don't like Scarlet and Amelia because  they are showy.

Secrets by Jacqueline Wilson

 I love this book! It is about India living in a big, posh house with her mum and dad.

Treasure lives in a flat with her Nan, because she hates her step-dad Terry.

I am now going to read.... um......? 

I know! You can vote! The book with the most votes - I will read!

Monday, 22 September 2014

What Coco- panda is now reading. By Pizza-bear

 By: Pizza-bear

Now, Coco has now told me she is reading the second "My best friend and other Enemies" called "My brilliant life and other disasters." She says:

"So far it is very good, which makes me want to read it more!"

So me, Brownie and Coco will keep reading and posting and we hope you do to!



Sunday, 21 September 2014

Review on My Best Friend and other Enemies by Catherine Wilkins

Review on:  My Best Friend and other Enemies

By:  Catherine Wilkins

Review by: Coco-Panda

I think this book is really, really good because it is from Jessica's Point of view and you can really see from her eyes.

I think she did the right thing because she thought about it and decided what to do and weather or not to do it.

From my eyes:

When Jessica’s best friend goes off with new-girl Amelia, Jessica is hurt but determined not to take it lying down. She has a plan, and a secret weapon – her cartoons. The sense of fun and humour  is mightier than the sword, after all, and being good at drawing wins Jessica far more friends than she loses. 

Look out for more reviews from Coco-Panda and her mate Brownie-Bear! Coco will be doing kids Brownie will be doing adults. And the often update from Pizza-Bear.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Interview with Josh Lacey


Here is a interview with Josh Lacey who I was telling you about eailer:

What do you write?
I mostly write books for children. My first book was A Dog Called Grk; it is the story of a boy called Timothy Malt who finds a lost dog in the street and decides to return him to his owners. I've now written eight books about Tim and Grk, and their adventures in different countries around the world. I've written several other children's books too, including Bearkeeper, The Island of Thieves, The Sultan's Tigers and The Dragonsitter.

Do you get fan mail?
One of the nicest things about writing books is that I get emails and letters from all over the world. Some of them simply ask a question, wanting to know how old I am or what my favourite food might be. Others make a comment about one of my books, ask advice about their own writing or just tell me something interesting. I always enjoy reading them - and always reply, although it can take me a few days or even weeks if I'm in the middle of writing a book.

Can we contact you?
Yes, please do. If you go to my website, you'll find a contact page. Here's the link:

What is your latest book?
I'm writing a series of books about two kids, Eddie and Emily, who look after their uncle's dragon whenever he is away. The first in the series was called The Dragonsitter. The fourth book, The Dragonsitters's Island, was published earlier this year, and the fifth, The Dragonsitter's Party, will be published next March.

What tips would you give to want-to-be writers?
My main piece of advice would be very simple: you should read. Read anything; read everything. Read as much as you can. And once you've read so much that words are coming out of your ears, then perhaps it's time to start writing.

Who is your inspiration?

I haven't been inspired by any particular person, but I have been inspired by the books that I've loved. The Tintin books, for instance, written and illustrated by HergĂ©, I have read and loved for almost my entire life, and they've been a big influence on my own writing. I just wish I was as good an artist as HergĂ©. I'd love to be able to illustrate my own books. I still read all the time, but I've never loved any books as much as the ones that I read when I was a kid - and that's probably why I write books for kids now. 

I hope you liked that.

The Library and News

The Library

Today I got some books out of the library. Here is what I got:

Maya's Secret by Holly Webb - I will start it soon, promise!

My Best Friend and other enemies by Catherine Wilkins - Stared it and will finish it soon. Review coming!

Rose and the Silver Ghost - I have not started it yet but I will after Maya's Secret.

In order of reading:

My Best Friend and other Enemies,
Maya's Secret,
Rose and the Sliver Ghost


1. An interview with Josh Lacey is coming up, check out his website to see what he writes and if you will like his books. Link here: or: 

2. I will be opening a book club. It will run every Saturday, it might be a book from my bookshelf at home or the library, I will do it by saying "please can you read from chapter 9 to chapter 11" and so on then by Saturday I will give my views and see if you agree. (Things you will need for Book Club: The book we are reading if you don't have the book it does not matter you could borrow it from a friend or library.)

Get your books and read!