Monday, 5 September 2016

~Review~ Tangled Secrets By Anne-Marie Conway

   Title: Tangled Secrets
   Author: Anne-Marie Conway
   Publisher: Usborne

Maddie's life is full of secrets.

 Her nan recently died, she's striving for mum's attention and     
feels like dad isn't spending time with her. She traps her feelings
inside until they're to much to contain. Then she's paired with Kieran Black   - the trouble-maker in her class- and finds her trust and confidence growing.

But just when Maddie's got a bit over it, another secret crashes into her world bringing her life a little more sadness.
Will she be able to get over it? Will she accept it?

A moving story that high-lights on the pain when a loved one dies.
Suitable for ages 10 +

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Sunday, 4 September 2016

~Review~ Girl with a white Dog by Anne Booth

Title: Girl with a white Dog
Author: Anne Booth
Publisher: Catnip

Girl with a white Dog is about Jessie, who is over
the moon when her gran gets a snow white dog and
names it Snowy! At school Jessie learns about Nazi Germany
and while she learns, two lives of one person make themselves
recognised. What happened at that terrible time? Will Jessie come to terms with it. 

A great book about family secrets, suitable for ages 11 to 14, girls and boys.

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Saturday, 3 September 2016

~Review~ of Girl out of Water by Nat Luurstema

 Title: Girl out of Water
Author: Nat Luurtsema
Publishers: Walker Books               

Girl out of Water is about Louise Brown, a 15 year old who is talented at swimming - but when she gets a chance of doing her dream, her friend Hannah excels while Lou flops. Lou hates change and at school she is lonely and quiet. Soon she realises that she has no friends and spends her lunchtimes in the library and weekends alone at home.

All this changes when Gabriel, Pete and Roman asks Louise to train them for Britain's Hidden Talent, where they were sent home for dancing. Lou has no idea what to do but with realising she had no proper friends, she grabs this chance.

Lou is relatable and funny. I recommend this book for ages 12+

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