Friday, 24 July 2015


By Cocopanda


  • I am going to include more interviews from now on. We have an interview today (you'll have to wait - boo!).  
  • The Edinburgh Book Festival is on from 15th - 31st August. Book your tickets now!
  • New books are out! The Looking Glass Girl and Fortune Cookie both by Cathy Cassidy are out! Fortune Cookie is the last Chocolate Box Girl book in the series. And this time its main character is a boy. We can't wait!

What do you write?

I've written over a hundred books, but I'm most well known for my Animal Stories series.
Do you get fan mail?
Can we contact you?
By email through my website.
What is your latest book?
The Water Horse has just been published, The Truffle Mouse will be published in August. Return to the Secret Garden and The Snow Princess will be published in October.
What is it like being a writer?
Mostly fantastic, except for the days where the book doesn’t want to work!

What tips would you give to want-to-be writers?
Read – the more you read and think about what you’re reading the better your own writing will be. Also, try to finish things!

How did you get into writing?
I worked as an editor at a children’s publisher and came up with an idea for a book series. I was supposed to work the idea up so we could suggest it to authors who might want to write it, but I fell in love with the idea and wrote it myself.

Who is your inspiration?
I don’t really have one…

Who would you like to thank for giving you ideas, their thoughts ect.?
My children are very useful feedback, and good at having accidents and entanglements that find their way into my books. So are my cats!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Book review on Half a Sister by Kelly McKain

Review by: Cocopanda

I loved reading this book. It is about Hannah finding out she has an older half sister, called Ellie. She cannot wait. Ellie tries to help out with friendship problems but it becomes worse. Does Ellie have a bad, dark side? Read it and find out!

I think this is a good read for girls and boys aged 9 - 12 . 5 stars from me!!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Book Review on Boys school girls: Tara's sister trouble by Lil Chase

Review by: Cocopanda

This book about a boys school accepting girls for the first time in it's history. Tara is really excited and is looking forward to it. But when her sister Maxie joins as well disaster looms. Join Tara, Obi, Abby, Candy and Maxie in a journey of friendship.

I think this is a great read for girls age 9 - 13. 5 stars from me!!

If you liked this book why not try The Boy's School Girls: Abby's Shadow or Obi's Secret ?

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Book Review on Maya's Secret by Holly Webb

Review by: Cocopanda

Maya Knight is actually India Kell's daughter. Maya moved schools to have a fresh start, with no-one knowing about her mum. But when the Fair Trade Project comes up Maya, Poppy, Izzy and Emily need to go to great lengths to get the word out there.... and it means Maya revealing the truth about her mum......

I think this book is great! Ages 9 - 12 for girls and boys.

5 stars!

Book Review on Daisy, Dad and the Huge, Small Surprise (Ally's World #10) by Karen McCombie

Review by: Cocopanda

Grandma and Stanley are getting married, Dad + Tor's new teacher = lots of twinkling. Ally is feeling sad as someone is left out from all of this love business - Mum!

I really like this book and would recommend it to all of my friends. A good read for girls (and maybe some boys) aged 9 - 13.

5 stars!

Monday, 13 July 2015

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket

Review by: Cocopanda

First there is the fire, then  Count Olaf. Follow the Baudelaire sibling throughout their journey. Violet: the inventive one, the eldest. Klaus: the intelligent one. And Sunny: The little baby who loves to bite things.

I think this book is great for boys and girls aged 9 - 12.

 5 stars!

Book review on A Perfect Ten by Chris Higgins

Review by: Cocopanda

Eva does gymnastics and is the queen of it at her club. She's the girl that everyone envies. When new girl Patty joins the club Eva's secrets threaten to return to the surface.

I think this book is a good read for girls age 9 - 12.

Check out Chris Higgins's website -