Saturday, 31 December 2016

~ Review~ Raven Hearts by Fiona Dunbar

Title: Raven Hearts
Author: Fiona Dunbar
Publisher: Orchard

Kitty's helping track down a bloodthirsty ghost hound.

She travels to the windswept moors of Yorkshire and soon she hears about a ghost dog, wandering across the moors, feasting on terrified humans. Recently a man a disappeared without a trace. There's also been others. The press are saying that the ghost dog has got them. Is it true? Where have they actually gone to? With a spirit named Lupa, Kitty has to find out the truth behind the disappearances.

What I think:

I think that Raven Hearts is a good book, full of excitement and adventure. I love how Kitty holds hands with a ghost, as her Grandmother told her never to do it in the first book, and it show you why you shouldn't do it. Girls and boys aged 10+
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Friday, 30 December 2016

~Review~ The Moonlight Dreamers by Siobhan Curham

Title: The Moonlight Dreamers
Author: Siobhan Curham
Publisher: Walker Books


          Sky, Rose, Maali and Amber are sick of being told how to act, and what to wear

Amber decides to set up a secret society called The Moonlight Dreamers, for girls aged 14-16 who are sick of being told what to wear and how to act. In a world in misunderstanding can Amber and the rest of The Moonlight Dreamers find happiness and peace? Join the four girls on a journey of discovery and excitement.

What I think:

I think that all girls aged 12+ would love this book as it is relatable and all about teenage girls wanting to be understood.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

~ Review ~ Poppy Pym and the Double Jinx by Laura Wood

Title: Poppy Pym and the Double Jinx
Author: Laura Wood
Publisher: Scholastic

 The school play of Macbeth is under a jinx

Saint Smithen's school is putting on a play of Macbeth. From fires to ghostly warnings, everything bad you can think of (well, almost) is happening to the play. Is there really a jinx? And where does the lost gold come into it? Poppy, her family and her friends decide to investigate. 

What I think:

I think that this book is great and well thought out. With Poppy's circus family staring in it the story becomes funnier. If you like funny and exciting stories, read this! 

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